Coastline Bikers

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery; Ride and live today”

“Doesn’t matter what you ride, give respect to get respect”


Pinocchio's Birthday Ride Out


This is a weather dependent ride,
This will be a for the bigger bikes.
NOT 125 friendly
we will meet at Newhaven Mcdonalds eat there get some breaky in you 👍
then ride up to Whitstable
but let see what the weather says nearer the time 👍
This will be a all day event.
Luca Bday

The Longshore CLB Bike Night


Meeting at Mckinley way, Newhaven at 6.30pm, leaving at
6.45ish if you would like to ride over together. We will split into two groups, 125s and less confident together and then the faster ones.
Bike night starts at 7.15pm if you would like to meet us there.
Longshore: Brighton Rd, Shoreham-by-Sea BN43 5LD
Pizza + Drink – £11.75
Pick your favourite topping and enjoy it on one of our hand stretched, stone baked pizzas. Please see main menu for full range
Longshore Bike Night

New Forest Run


So as I heard a few of you would like to travel more down west,
I thought it would be nice to go through to New Forest 👍
If you would like to attend on a 125 then you can but some roads heading down may not be 125 friendly! just bare that in mind 👍
I found a nice little cafe called ‘Cafe Velo’ based in Ringwood which is the other side of the New Forest.
can get some great content up there with the fantastic views and scenery.
Meet up at the usual Newhaven Mckinlay Way 9am leave at 9:30am and fill up and head over towards New Forest.

Breakfast, ride and coffee


Meeting at our spot, McKinlay Way, Newhaven.
This will be a controlled group ride, which will be marshalled by admin.
There will be a separate group for the 125s which will be marshalled by our trusty 125 admins.
Ride to chalet for a breakfast, will then head up to boxhill for a coffee.
don’t forget your go pro and insta 360 and drones for some great footage along the routes 😈
Henfield Chalet Cafe

CLB Hotspot Burger & Grill Bike Nights


Back by popular demand!
Hotspot Burgher & Grill bike nights.
Every 4th Thursday of the month. Meeting at Hotspot at 6.30. We will eat and drink and then go for a ride out after.
Special menu put on for CLB members!!!
Hotspot Bike Night
We Love the community we have built!

What our members say....

"Belonged to many groups, clubs, over the years.. CLB is a great group of like minded people, all great people and when we meet, there is no BS you get elsewhere. Long live CLB!"
Lee Norman
Lee Norman
"Wow where do I start… I first saw coastline either of tick-tock or Facebook can’t remember lol 😂 As being on L plates and this was quite a local group I though yeah why not. Two reason why I joined. 1st unfortunately I lost my dad 2019 and he was a big biker back in the day and I was always going out pillion riding with him, now I’m experience the same adventure as my dad and absolutely loving it. 2nd as coastline was EST in 2019 I felt a connection. Yes there is a 3 lol I met some fabulous people and made a fabulous friends which now we call are self the older timers - kc lol 😂 Theses guys have helped me immensely with my confidence and riding. Without this group I wouldn’t of been where I am today. 🤜💯🤛 So coastline let’s make more memories ❤️"
Kirsty Stevens
Kirsty Stevens
"Great bunch of guys and girls, young & old, small bikes & big bikes, all with different abilities. Whoever you are you will always be welcomed with open arms. Love them all to bits 💜"
Jackie Shoosmith
Jackie Shoosmith