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hayling island ride


Hello All,
We have been asked to do another new forest ride and will be holding it this Sunday. We will be integrating it with the Hayling island ride. We will leave at the same time and stop of at Hayling island on the way. From there we will head straight to the new forest where we can have a nice slow scenic stroll through the beautiful woodlands.
We will split into 2 groups on the way to Hayling island and from there to new forest.
There will be the calm/125 riders
And the big bikes
We will all meet up at the new forest. And stick together whilst we are in the new forest.
We shall head back roughly 5pm and expect to be back for 7pm.
We need to make sure on numbers for this ride due to the distance of it, so please put yourself as “GOING” if you are coming. Last new forest ride we had 26 riders and it was an absolute blast so lets try to match that again.
Thank you all
Your Admin team
hayling island bike night

Abbo Burger Night


The Abergavenny in Rodmell has a burger deal on Mondays only where you can get a burger chios and a pint for £12.
being a small pub they want to know numbers before hand so if you are coming put “GOING” if you are unsure please put “MAYBE”.
Meet at Mckinlay way for 6.15pm leaving at 6.30pm.
pubs only 5 minutes away.
please note
the parking has loose stones so be careful pulling in and out 
Abergavenny arms

Coastline Bikers BBQ & Camping


🏕️ Camping Event in the Heart of Alfriston, East Sussex 🌳
Exciting news for all camping enthusiasts and motorbike lovers! On the 27th of July, Coastline Bikers will be hosting an exclusive camping event in the beautiful village of Alfriston, East Sussex. Please note that this event is for members only.
Here are the details you need to know:
📅 Date: 27th July
⏰ Start Time: 2:00 PM
🍖 BBQ Finish Time: 7:00 PM
The campsite is nestled in the heart of Alfriston, offering a picturesque setting surrounded by nature. It is owned by a dear friend, so we kindly request all attendees to be respectful and considerate during their stay.
Campsite Facilities:
The campsite is motorbike-friendly, but we encourage everyone to take it slow when riding up the track. The site provides ample space for tents and motorbikes, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable camping experience.
– Camping Fee: £10 per person
– BBQ Fee: £5 per person
Please note that payment needs to be made in advance to the Coastline Bikers’ account. This upfront payment is necessary to secure your spot and allows the campsite to make necessary arrangements.
Important Information:
After 7:00 PM, only registered campers will be allowed to stay on the site as the campsite will be closed to non-campers. Therefore, please ensure that you plan your arrival accordingly.
Join Us:
We invite all Coastline Bikers members to join us for this exciting camping event. It’s a great opportunity to connect with fellow motorbike enthusiasts, enjoy the beautiful surroundings, and have a memorable time.
For more information and to make your payment, please contact myself or reply in the chat that is attached to event to book a place to stay or to just come and have food for the day.
Let’s make this camping trip an unforgettable experience!
See you at the campsite! 🌲🏍️
We Love the community we have built!

What our members say....

"i felt so comfortable when i had my first big ride with the CBL!🤍 everyone is lovely!"
jessie cassese
jessie cassese
Glad I joined made me feel welcome and made me wanna tty and get out and be more social also helps me channel my adhd and anxiety also made some good friends and enjoying every moment
andrew bennett
andrew bennett
"Great bunch of guys and girls, young & old, small bikes & big bikes, all with different abilities. Whoever you are you will always be welcomed with open arms. Love them all to bits 💜"
Jackie Shoosmith
Jackie Shoosmith