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We are now adding more and more venues to our bike nights, we work with a range of local businesses to bring you nice sociable evenings with likeminded people. These events are normally a short ride away and include burger nights, pizza nights, BBQ’s and set menus. Ride outs are planned for when we are leaving the event. *Our hosts provide meal deals/discount for CLB members.*

Ride Outs

Coastline Bikers regularly organises ride outs suitable for all types of bikes and speeds. Rides are split onto two groups, 125’s/less confident riders, and confident riders. Our ride outs range from short, local routes to longer 100+ mile routes.


We have over 1000 members; we have a very social aspect to our group, and we welcome everybody into our community, no matter where you are from or what you ride. We ask everybody treats each other with respect and rides their own ride. Ride safe. Keep everybody safe. Enjoy.


Coastline Bikers is a community which originated in the South East, Established in 2019 as a large group of friends that would regularly ride together.

We decided to name ourselves Coastline Bikers after a few friends left the local area and moved along to different parts of the Coast. Our group of friends was getting bigger and bigger with every ride, so with a vision of uniting likeminded people and motorcycling enthusiasts we decided to make a public Facebook group in early 2023, open to everybody on any kind of bike, from any area.

Today Coastline Bikers have positively impacted more than a thousand riders and regularly host our own bike nights providing not only a great atmosphere and opportunities to meet new riding buddies but also bringing custom to local businesses. Our community and CLB brand are growing by the minute, please check out our merch tab if you would like to place an order and represent Coastline Bikers in your local area. we hope to see you on a ride soon. CLB.

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"Great bunch of bikers with all different abiltys welcoming and well orgaznized advents more like a family πŸ«ΆπŸ€™πŸ€™πŸ€™"
Cara Townsend
Cara Townsend
"Definitely a great group to ride with everyone is so friendly, everything is organised and everyone looks out for each other and the rides are good fun as well πŸοΈπŸ‘ŒπŸ»"
Javan Higgins
Javan Higgins
"Absolutely amazing bunch of people so kind hearted, organise some of the best ride outs I have been part of and an honour to work so closely within the group.... one big family not just a bike community #CLB"
Kyle Witney
Kyle Witney
125 Admin
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